Pool Collectors

Are you wondering where you can play?

Tickets can be purchased at pool collectors in the list below.
Port Louis

Supertote – No 7, Dr Sun Yat Sen Street
Chick King – 15 Chaussee Street
Corner House – 7 Bourbon Street
Lucky Win – Victoria Square
Snack Orientale – 53 SSR Street
Soobrayen (St Antoine) – 61 Lord Kitchener Street
Tabajie You & Me – 23 Menagerie Street, Bel-Village
Li Sing How Store – 58, St Denis Street
Ben Store – 35 Canal Bathurst Street

Plaine Wilhems

Supertote – 83, Royal Road , Beau Bassin
Supertote – 4, Avenue Osman , Quatre Bornes
Supertote – 1st Fl. Kanderally Blg, Duncan Taylor St, Rose Hill
Supertote – Impasse Pot De Terre, Curepipe
Supertote – Vavid Properties, Jackson Road, Vacoas
Chez Andrex – Rose Hill
Tabagie Sunrise – 7 Dr Maurice Cure, Rose Hill
Anand Store – Solferino No. 1, Vacoas
Etoile Boutique – 32, Royal Road, Eau Coulée
Hotel Cassim – John Kennedy Avenue, Vacoas
King’s Cold Store – Dr Ferriere Street, Curepipe
Leung Loong Cheong – Royal Road, Floréal
Mini Prix Boutique – Royal Road, Bonne Terre, Vacoas
Mungur Pool House – 4 Ian Pallach Square Market Stall 4, Curepipe
Ritz Boutique – Rue Chateau Neuf, Curepipe
Tabagie King – 6 Route St Jean, Quatre Bornes
Ridhika Mini Market (Boutique Ally) Seeneevassen Avenue, Palma Road, Quatre Bornes
Lottotech Head Office – Ebene


Supertote – 1st Fl, Tadbir Building, Royal Road, Triolet
OKS Pool House – Royal Road 8th Mile, Triolet
Le Parrain – Royal Road, Riche Terre

Rivière du Rempart

Hurry Store – Royal Road, Goodlands
Le Pride Shop – Royal Road, Riviere Du Rempart


Guranna Pool House – L’agrement, St Pierre
Ah King Store – Royal Road, Moka
Rissotto Snack – Royal Road, St Pierre
Pelican – Circonstance, St Pierre


Supertote – Royal Road, Bel Air
Supertote – 2nd Floor, Sibartie Building, Royal Road, Flacq
Supertote – Lawton Building, Royal Road, Lallmatie
Supertote – Royal Road, Quartier Militaire
Quins Self Service – Royal Road, Montagne Blanche
Tabagie Banco – La Source Rd, Flacq
Anand Video Club – Bel Air Riviere Seches
Girish Snack – Royal Road, Lallmatie
Dussoye & Sons Shop – Royal Road, Flacq – Bon Acceuil

Black River

Supertote – Royal Road, Bambous
Royal Pools and Lotteries House – Royal Road, Bambous
Trois Bras Store Limited – Trois Bras Royal Road, Black River

Grand Port

Supertote – Rue Des Cent Gaulettes, Mahebourg
Supertote – Mahebourg Road, Rose Belle
Supertote – Royal Road, Plaine Magnien
Appadoo Pool House – Royal Road Baramia, Rose Belle
Golden Pop – Royal Road Trois Boutique, Plaine Magnien


Supertote – Ramdos Complex, Royal Road, Souillac
Supertote – Ex Cooperative Society, Railway Road, Riviere Des Anguilles
Supertote – Gocool Building, Lotus Road, Chemin Grenier
Roshni Pool House – Royal Road, Chemin Grenier
Central Store – Royal Road, L’Escalier